Mutant Sheeps Lab is a collection of 5,555 uniquely designed Mutated Sheeps escaped from “Dr. Psycho Phil’s” laboratory together to get on the SOLANA Blockchain.

We want our community to only pay for our NFTs and have a fast & reliable experience – so we choose SOLANA blockchain.

Please join our Discord ASAP for weekly tasks!


We have 500 Whitelist Spots!! Be HURRY!!

Presale(whitelist) Price: TBA, Public Sale Price: TBA

Holding a Mutantsheep NFT grants you  10 $WOOL tokens per day , for Legendary NFT you will get 30 $WOOL and access to exclusive community events, such as giveaways, social events for holders, exclusive access to merchandise. P2E GAME early access . Also, coming in the next few months, you will be able to breed a totally new Mutantsheep NFT and receive PHIL SERUM if you hold 2 or more nfts!

The MSL collection will officially launch with the presale on TBA, which will last 24 hours. And the public sale on TBA. For more details on buying on presale, join the discord channel!

Minting will be available on our website, and for the secondary market it will be on MAGIC EDEN etc.,

No, we will never DM you , we will never do unexpected mints. We will announce the Official mint link on the minting day.